Helping stressed-out women find the time and energy

to take care of themselves, creating balance, health,

and contentment in their lives.



If you are a stressed-out woman with no time or energy to take care of yourself, then you are in the right place.


Taking a step toward living a healthier life can feel overwhelming and out of reach. However, we make living a healthier life easy by partnering with you to design a personal experience, so you can achieve your best life. Because you are unique, we take a holistic (mind, body, soul, and lifestyle) approach to ensure you achieve balance in all aspects of life. We’ll cut through the health “noise” and provide you with scientific-based information, so you can make informed choices. Then we’ll help you explore what you need, create a space for you to envision what a healthy life would look like, encourage you to experiment with new habits, so you can evolve into a healthier, happier, more balanced you.


We are here to support you in lowering your stress-levels, having more fun, prioritizing self-care, creating easy ways to stay true to healthy habits, and reaching your health goals.

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We all yearn to be healthy, whether that means we want to get in better physical shape, live longer, combat the affects of aging, lower our stress-level, get a handle on menopause, or overcoming whatever those daily challenges are to feeling our best. The problem is, we think we don’t have the time, don’t want the added stress, don’t know where to start, or can’t find the inner motivation. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach or a magic pill to make you healthy.

Fortunately, your overall health, how you age, and what wellness looks like is mostly within your control. This is why we are working hard to change the perception that living a healthy life is difficult, stressful, time consuming, and dull. Instead of throwing time and money into one more quick fix or latest health fad, you can invest in exploring your own unique needs, wants, and desires that will enable you to live your best life.


We’re here to provide you with the tools to effectively implement healthy habits and new behaviors, so you can achieve your unique goals.


The first question is, “What do you need?”

You’ve come here looking for something, so now is the time to ask yourself what that something is.  


We make it easy to make wellness a practice and living a healthy life a lifestyle by offering three unique ways you can choose to work with us, be it by joining an educational program, transforming your life through private coaching with April, or joining a like-minded hive of women who long to be healthier, happier, and support each other along the journey. Whatever you need to create balance, health, and contentment in your life, we are here for you. 


Choose from one of our three options and begin your health journey, today.

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- April Raque, NBC-HWC, Founder of Wellness Design Group

“My personal wellness vision is to create a world where women understand the female aging process, have the love and support to combat life’s stressors, are enriched with the proper nourishment for mind, body, and soul, all within a healthy and healing environment.”


“Before working with April, I'd really gotten off-track with looking after my health. And, after many years of disordered eating, I had lost sight of what a healthy diet really looked like. With April's help, I was able to implement a healthy diet with exercise I actually like doing. I lost 25 pounds and took inches off my waist, but more importantly, I feel empowered by having a healthy strategy that works for my lifestyle. And maybe even better, I've learned that I don't have to be perfect to be healthy. If you're looking for a supportive and extremely educated guide to help you find your way to a healthier, happier life, you will find that in April. Highly recommend!”

- Susan 


Still not sure what you need or where you are with regards to your health and wellness needs? 


Understanding your current state of health and wellness can be the cornerstone to change. A good place to start is to get a baseline for how healthy you are in general. For that very reason, we’ve created a Cosmo-like quiz, so you can quickly find out how much of a WELL-being you actually are.  


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