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You’re looking for REAL balance in your life; believing “self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you", but you don’t know how to make this a reality. It’s become overwhelming to try, not to mention, decipher the health fads and trends from celebrities on TikTok or Instagram, and even close friends. It’s too much. You’re exhausted from having to do and be it all, day after day, for everyone. Eventually, you just give up and continue your daily routine, telling yourself that someday things will slow down. 


But here you are… Recognizing your life isn’t quite how you’ve imagined… Finally, understanding what unhealthy looks like and that it’s time to make yourself a priority before it’s too late. You’re ready to be who you thought you’d be at this age, living a healthy, happy, and balanced life.


For all these reasons and more, you are here today - Taking a step toward being stress-free with more time and energy to take care of yourself, so you can truly be happy and healthy in everything you do.


“There’s not enough time in my day,” is more than just a saying, it’s a deeply embedded belief as to why your life always seems so out of control. On the surface, you’re an in control, thriving professional, who magically balances work and life, but underneath you know there’s more going on. The pressure, the money, the prestige, you can handle that. It’s the weight gain, hair loss, gurgle gut, periodic anxiety attacks, and back spasms that have you rethinking what you’re doing to yourself. You know you’re stressed, but who isn’t. There has to be another way to relieve stress besides trying to alleviate any of the tasks on your every growing “to do” list. 


Sure, you have a “wellness routine” with your monthly facials and occasional Barre classes at the gym, but there are days you’re so busy you forget to put on moisturizer and brush your teeth. You're being healthy by buying organic foods, but more often than not, if you eat at all, it’s a grab-n-go meal or something microwavable, as you rush around between meetings and family commitments. A typical day ends with you falling into bed around 11pm after you’ve picked up the house and finished up a few late night emails. 

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Wellness Design Group makes living a healthier life easy by partnering with you to design a personal experience, so you can achieve your best life. Because you are unique, we take a holistic (mind, body, and soul) lifestyle approach to ensure you achieve balance in all aspects of life. We’ll cut through the health “noise” and provide you with scientific-based facts, so you can make informed choices. Then we’ll help you explore what you need, create a space for you to envision what a healthy life would look like, and encourage you to experiment with new habits, so you can evolve into a healthier, happier, more balanced you. We’re here to support you in lowering your stress-levels, having more fun, prioritizing self-care, creating easy ways to stay true to healthy habits, and reaching your health goals.



When you invest in our health+wellness coaching, you’ll go from being exhausted and overwhelmed with "all the things,” to empowered and balanced, living a healthy life made easy with a customized wellness plan and the support of a nationally board certified health+wellness coach. We’ve designed a 12-week transformative program, tailored to create balance, health, and contentment in your life, fitting your lifestyle.


This is Wellness by Design. 


12-Week Transformative Program

In a nut shell, our program has three easy parts.


  • 30-minute Discovery Session

  • 2-hour Wellness Empowerment Session

  • 1-hour Weekly Private Coaching Throughout 12-weeks

Initially, you'll meet for an intimate conversation about your current concerns, personal health goals, and next steps in your wellness journey with April Raque, Mayo Clinic and National Board Certified Health+Wellness Coach,


With a clear understanding of your current state of holistic wellness (mind, body, and soul), you'll be ready for your Wellness Empowerment Session. You'll take a deeper dive into who you are, where you are, and where you want to be, establishing a vision of wellness - What it looks like to live your best life in good health. With creating balance, health, and contentment in all areas of your life at the forefront of your mind, you can determine your high-level 3-month goals, from which you can begin to pull out smaller goals to activate throughout the coming weeks. This planning session and the strategy created is designed to empower you to achieve or be on your way to achieving your health goals in 12-weeks.  


Over the next 12-weeks, you’ll meet with April for a personal, guided journey to greater well-being. You’ll work together to design a path that is yours and yours alone, while April guides and supports your transformation. 


At the end of your program, you’ll be excited to feel and see the results, empowered to learn your mind and body are made for wellness, and ready to embrace all that a balanced and healthy life can offer.


We offer the Wellness by Design coaching program virtually via Zoom, by phone, or in-person for residents of Florida's Paradise Coast (Naples, Marco Island). Having a less-stressed, healthy and happy life is as simple as, clicking "Get Started" and selecting the date of your preliminary call.


Ask yourself... Do I want to be here in 3-months or in a healthier and happier version of today? 


Now, make your health a priority and invest in your future self. Don’t hesitate a moment longer. Begin your transformation, today!

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a free monthly-membership to the WDG Health Hive. With your membership, you’ll gain access to our exclusive wellness club, where health+wellness-minded women have designed a community to support and share their journeys with each other. Click here for more information on the Hive.

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Don’t take our word for it… Before working with April, Susan was feeling overwhelmed with how she was aging. She was frustrated by not being able to lose weight or stick to a healthy lifestyle, despite her efforts. But in a matter of months, those feelings turned into excitement and pride when she lost 25 pounds and took inches off her waist, but more importantly she feels empowered by having a healthy strategy that works for her lifestyle. 

Before working with April, I'd really gotten off-track with looking after my health. And, after many years of disordered eating, I had lost sight of what a healthy diet really looked like. With April's help, I was able to implement a healthy diet with exercise I actually like doing. I lost 25 pounds and took inches off my waist, but more importantly, I feel empowered by having a healthy strategy that works for my lifestyle. And maybe even better, I've learned that I don't have to be perfect to be healthy. If you're looking for a supportive and extremely educated guide to help you find your way to a healthier, happier life, you will find that in April. Highly recommend! 


– Susan M.

This is the moment you change your life… Click the link below and don’t do another thing until you book your first appointment with April for private health coaching! 


Health coaching should not substitute for professional psychological or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions about your personal situation, health or medical condition.