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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Well, welcome to WDG's Health Hive. We’ve heard you loud and clear and have designed a community of health+wellness-minded women who share in the journey to be healthier and happier. Here you’ll find support as you work together as a hive to be healthy, find joy in life’s purpose, learn from experts and peers, age gracefully, live longer and younger, as you build lasting relationships and so much more. 


After all… Wellness starts with WE

Do you feel completely freaked out by menopause and aging?


Are you a stressed-out sista who doesn’t know what she needs or wants, but knows something has to change?

Do you feel alone in your pursuit to be healthier and happier? 

Would you like to have the support of others who are on the same or similar quest to live longer, younger, healthier lives?

Do you long for lasting friendships with incredible women?

Image by Victor Grabarczyk


This hive works as a collective where we share thoughts, ideas, challenges, support, and a unified consciousness to promote health and wellness throughout our own lives and the lives of those around us and in our worlds. We exist in a shame and judgement-free zone. Because, let’s face it, as women, we need to rise up and be there authentically for each other. Any attitudes other than loving kindness will not be tolerated.


You’ll be free to share inspiring posts, ask questions, engage with others to support or dispel health and wellness myths. The goal is to allow you to build this hive together. You’ll also have the added bonus of having your own personal health+wellness coach along for the ride to walk with you side by side as you grow.


Health Hive Membership

Once you subscribe to the Hive, you’re in! We convene in a private Facebook group, where we can be ourselves and freely share with one another as we work to build a new consciousness. The magic happens when you find women who’s visions align with yours.

What’s Included in your monthly membership…


  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

  • Live Virtual Classes with April Raque, Founder of Wellness Design Group and Nationally Board Certified Wellness Coach

  • Invitations to Special Events

  • Opportunities for Unique Experiences

  • Weekly Hot Health Discussion Posts

  • Exclusive Wellness Content

  • Recipes, Tips, Tricks, and More

  • Continual Community Support

  • And Ultimately Transformation


We’re all a buzz to have you join our hive and can’t wait for you to be a part of our community.  As a subscription based offering, you will be charged $29.00 monthly for access to all the WDG Healthy Hive membership has to offer. Join now to start cultivating connection and transforming your life. We’ve got you, so let go and let group!

Disclaimer: Rudeness, hate speech, politics, nastiness, and bullying or anything other than loving kindness will not be tolerated within the Hive. You may not share events, opportunities, and content (such as recipes, downloadable files, etc.) with others outside of the Hive. Members found in violation of the rules will have their membership immediately terminated.

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